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SWIZA NOWUS, Subtle blend of modern and tradition

2 Maggio 2015

Subtle blend of modern and tradition

Today, SWIZA SA and SWITZ International SA are thrilled to launch an exciting and ambitious collection of Swiss-made watches. The new SWIZA watch range comprises over 50 models in 5 lines and includes the instantly iconic, SWIZA NOWUS.

This feather-light watch is the quintessential balance between classic and modern design. The round face reflects the heritage of watch design in the canton of Jura, the cushion casing and fluid lines add a fresh style inspired by SWIZA’s DNA in the color palette of the dynamic Switzerland of today.

Peter Hug CEO Swiza Florian Lachat

Swiza Watches

The SWIZA NOWUS line is the crown prince of the inaugural SWIZA watch assortment featuring over 50 models being unveiled today by SWITZ International SA. All five models of the SWIZA NOWUS assortment share the perfect balance of solidity and elegance.

This merging of the Jura’s world renowned values: craftsmanship, precision and reliability with the fresh style and colors of today’s Switzerland results in a strong and well-balanced design.

The aesthetically pleasing and ergonomically engineered casing echoes the carefree style of Switzerland’s genuine flair for innovation.

The crown is a tribute to our Swissness and the thoughtfully designed scratch-resistant rounded sapphire glass provides superior protection. The gentle curved shape of the crystal is a benchmark of SWIZA brand design language common to SWIZA watches and products in other categories.

The SWIZA NOWUS watch: the Swiss watch to accompany you on your everyday adventures. Because every day can be an adventure.

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