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SwissNano design, best micro parts machine

15 Febbraio 2015

Swiss Nano Design multiplo

Those tiny screws that hold together your watch or your smartwatch are infinitely frustrating to grasp position and attach to said watch. Now imagine the precision required to make one of those screws. The smallest screws in the world are made by a machine called SwissNano, by the Swiss megacorp TORNOS , together, with the mind of the innovation consultant Enrique Luis Sardi (Already the inventive mind of many products for LG, CrunchyCup, Swisscopter, Willemin Macodel and many multinational brands).

The SwissNano is a fascinating micro parts fabricating unit, which can produce about two-thirds of the moving micro parts of any watch. In this video, you can see a less than 1 mm screw in its production. Now imagine a person trying to accomplish the same task as this small machine-robot. Therefore, it makes it a masterpiece of design.